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How To Choose A Right Window Type

by Rui Shan 03 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Are you looking to install new windows or replace the old ones but are not sure which window type would be ideal for you? If so, then you are in the right place. Windows are unquestionably a significant home investment that could make or break your home design. There are hundreds of options in the market, leaving the buyer in a dilemma of which window type is the best. For this reason, this blog post features everything you need to know about choosing the right window type. So, continue reading!

Re-Consider Your Window Type

While you might want to install new windows according to your desires, many individuals re-consider their current window types instead. Re-considering your window type is a brilliant decision that could save your expenses and make the environment more pleasant. Not sure what we meant?

For instance, Casement Windows that block outdoor areas might get substituted with Hanging or Sliding windows. Such windows offer limited motion as they are enclosed inside the wall. On the other hand, Casement Windows that have not previously been moved might be substituted with aesthetic Picture Windows, the cheapest window option. Another example is Crank-operated awning windows that might replace unhandy-to-open home kitchen or cellar sliding windows. Crank-operated windows offer easy operation and excellent ventilation. So, re-considering your window type can be a great decision if made right!

Different Window Types

This section discusses different window types to help you choose the ideal kind for your home. Make sure to read it till the end for better understanding. Let us begin:

  • Picture Window

Picture windows, also known as fixed picture windows, are secure non-functional windows that allow unimpeded views. These windows may be installed separately or in combination with other current windows to offer air circulation. There are two types: Without grills and with grills. Picture windows without grills offer simple, contemporary frames that resemble wall décor. With grills, a more classical touch adds up to the endearing appearance.

Picture windows are available in multiple sizes and let in amounts of sunlight. These are perfect for floor-to-ceiling layouts and usually get installed in higher locations. The benefits of installing these are:

  • Exceptional Security
  • Common in floor-to-ceiling
  • Extra Natural Lighting


  • Fixed Custom Windows

Fixed custom windows, sometimes called architectural windows, are customized picture windows made by being trimmed to the desired dimensions and shapes. They consist of octagons, slanted windows, half circles, circular, and pretty much any shape you want. Fixed custom windows are the perfect option when you do not get your desired window shapes and sizes. There are certain restrictions, but if you can envision a workable setup, your window designer can guide you in creating a strategy. You will bring your visualization to real life! How cool, right?



  • Casement Windows

Are you wondering which is the most popular operable window out there? Well, the answer is casement windows! Casement windows feature a hinge on either side and may move left to right when opened. These windows effortlessly open and shut with an Effortless Slide Operator that utilizes the same movement as lowering the lighting using a switch or a lever that unfolds when it is not utilized. When shields get installed, they are inserted on the inside, moving them from getting in the way of functioning and shielding them against the weather.

When buying casement windows, look at the crank grip choices. Traditional crank handles are accessible in white color and frequently obstruct window decorations like coverings. However, hidden ones are discreet and typically come in beige, white, or metallic surfaces like stainless steel or pewter. The benefits of getting casement windows are:

  • Withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Trendy design
  • Ideal for Difficult-to-Reach Places


  • Single And Double Sliding Windows

Slider windows are perfect for spaces with little vertical room because they function similarly to sliding doors. They are perfect for cellars, houses with low roofs, or to satisfy unique architectural requirements because they don't impede outer environments. They are ideal for wider openings and hard-to-reach locations. In general, slider windows come in two arrangements:

  1. Single slider (one stationary window)
  2. Dual slider (two operable windows)

These windows have the following benefits:

  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable and safe
  • Easily detachable for interior house maintenance
  • Ensures incredible ventilation


  • Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Hung windows function similarly to slider windows, except they open and shut perpendicularly and feature a definite mechanical arrangement. A Single-hung window features one adjustable sash that goes upwards from below and a fixed upper sash. Both panels meet while the windows are open, eliminating the need for additional ventilation space. On the other hand, Double-hung windows enable you to elevate and drop both sashes as these are both moveable. The benefits of installing single and double-hung windows are:

  • Greater safety
  • Timeless Design
  • Improved Ventilation


  • Bay And Bow Windows

Last but not least on our list are the Bay and Bow Windows. Both bay and bow windows protrude outwards and far from your house to create more floor within a room. The wide sills of both windows may be utilized as a spot, bookcase, or storage space. A bay window is a triple-sided projecting expansion that enables you to combine different window kinds on both sides to make a unique and practical space. Whereas a bow window resembles a bay window, it can have any number of four to six distinct sides that come together to create a half-circle.

Since bay windows have more angular features, they are usually installed in modern and transitional houses, whereas bow windows are preferred in classic and Victorian residences. Benefits of installing bay and bow windows include:

  • Greater inner space
  • Extra Natural Lighting
  • Classical Design



In this blog post, we shared different window types and where they are used to assist you in choosing the right window type. We agree it can be challenging. However, we believe you have all the information you need, and you will make the right decision according to your needs. Best of luck!


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