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Why Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home?

by KE JIAYI 31 May 2023 0 Comments

Do you have a space that needs ventilation desperately but where adding a large window wouldn't make sense? Or perhaps you wanted to add some natural light to a room in your house while still maintaining some privacy? Then hopper windows may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Selecting the proper type is one of the trickiest parts of installing a new window. Plenty of options are available, and they come in different shapes and sizes. However, simplicity is frequently the best option, and you might want a single, strategically placed hopper window.

If you've never seen a hopper window, chances are you've seen something similar.

Everything you require to know about what distinguishes hopper windows will be covered in this post. So, let’s get started.

What is a Hopper Window?

Hopper windows are frequently used in bathrooms or basements. It is a little window with an upward or downward opening. It either opens at 90° or 45°. To provide greater ventilation, this window is frequently built on the top section of the wall, close to the ceiling.

Hopper windows open by tilting upwards at the top and have hinges at the bottom. The bottom of the window has a crank-style handle that may be used to open and close it. The window's glass is supported when open to prevent closing due to a gust of wind.

What is the Size of the Hopper Window?

There are many sizes of hopper windows. Standard basement hopper windows are typically 3 feet wide and 1 to 2 feet tall.

Hopper windows are sometimes misunderstood as being tiny windows only suitable for basements. Even though hopper-style windows tend to be small, larger ones are often offered. It can be as big as 50 inches by 30 inches, offering adequate airflow in the heat.

Comparison: Hopper VS. Awning Window

Hopper windows and awnings have comparable designs. When closed, they have the same appearance. But how they operate is different. But an upside-down awning window is what is known as a hopper window.

Absorption of light:

Natural light can enter your home through awnings and hopper windows. Awning windows swing outward, while windows with the hopper design open inward. This indicates that an awning window lets more natural light into your house.

Hinge Installation Point:

Hinge positions for hopper windows can be at the top or bottom. This window resembles a chute or hopper when it is open. The top of an awning window has hinges. There is an awning created when you open the window from the bottom.

Directions for Opening:

A hopper-style window has sashed that opens inward. An awning window's sashes open outward. According to this, they are the same kind of window but installed in the opposite direction.

At the top corners, it has two hinges. At the bottom of the glass, in the middle, is a locking mechanism. Turn the pull-over lever to the open position, then swing the window in. It hangs down from the sash's peak. It may start at 300 or 900.

Consideration for Window Installation in Your Home

When selecting the windows for your home, there are a few factors to take into account.

Room, where to Install:

The kind of windows you require will depend on the space where you plan to install them. Depending on the use and purpose you intend for the windows to serve, each room will need a specific kind of window.

Window Aesthetics:

Consider your windows' inside and outside appeal when picking a window type. This is necessary since you must be able to admire your windows from inside and outside your home.


What kind of windows you require depends on the climate where you live. Different materials, designs, and energy ratings are available for windows. Each type of window has a specific climate. You won't be able to maximize energy efficiency if you choose the incorrect windows.

Additionally, if you choose the incorrect kind of windows for your environment, you may find yourself replacing and repairing your windows quite frequently.

Why is Hopper Window Perfect for Your Home?

Any room in your house can have hopper windows installed. But in particular areas, they perform better.

Your basement can receive natural light through a basement hopper window. Since basements typically receive little natural light, they are frequently stuffy, gloomy spaces that can only be utilized for storing unneeded household items.

This window, which doesn't take up much wall space, gives any room in your house good ventilation and plenty of natural light and handles humidity problems. It is, therefore, perfect for a bathroom.

As it opens inward and takes up little wall space, this window can be utilized along walkways and roads. Hopper windows can enhance the caliber of indoor air by offering ventilation.

What are the Drawbacks of Hopper Windows?

  • Most hopper windows are small and open inward, so they are not ideal as emergency exits.
  • Every window that opens inward has the potential to be dangerous. Be wary of family members wandering into it unless they are up high.
  • Can't leave it open during rain - Try an awning window. If you're looking for a window, you may leave it open during light rain. Hopper windows are less weather-safe because they open inward.

How much does Hopper Window Cost?

Despite the many advantages it may offer your home, it has a reasonable price. Hopper window's cost varies according to their specifications.


Hopper windows come in a range of sizes. They generally have small windows measuring 32 inches long and 14 - 24 inches wide. The cost rises as the window's width widens.

Installation Cost:

This window typically requires an installation fee of around $270 per window and an hourly labor charge. Long-term costs will be lower if you hire professionals with the experience to complete the work rather than cutting corners and hiring someone at a lower rate. Windows installed by qualified experts are installed not only correctly but also swiftly.

Other Features:

Framing materials are another aspect that could impact the cost of the hopper windows. Ensure that the framing material you select for your hopper window blends in with the other windows, especially if it is positioned somewhere other than a kitchen or basement. The cost overall is impacted by the frame material.

How to Open Hopper Window?

A small window, hopper window has hinges on the bottom that enable it to open inward or downward while tilting the upper half of the window. Hopper windows appear to be upside-down awning window that swings outward and from the bottom.

The window opens thanks to the hinges. The window can be opened by turning the crank-style handle on the inside bottom and pushing it. It's not necessary to grab the crank.

Additionally, it has supports on both sides, so the window is secure and does not slam shut when it is open. As soon as the window is closed, the supports fold.

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