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How to Find the Best Soundproof Window for Your Home?

by Marry Liu 03 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Windows are excellent sound conductors because they are solid, sturdy structures. This is why having just one glass panel in your window will only do a little to keep outside noise out of your home. Even using double-paned windows won't make much of a difference. While it is impossible to totally soundproof a property, windows with "soundproofing properties" can make a significant difference.

Moreover, it is all about sound frequencies. Birds have higher while heavy engines or falling objects have lower frequencies. Typically, a soundproof window offers 90 to 95% soundproofing. However, the low-frequency sounds, like those of a garbage truck, will easily pass through. So, to find the best soundproof window for your home, it is best to consider the frequency ranges. Let's learn more about them!

What are the Best Sound Proof Windows?

As we glide through January 2023, the diversity in soundproof window types is not stopping anytime soon. With so much variety, how can you decide the best options for your home?

Here are a few qualities that you must look for:

  • The thickness of the glass. More thickness means more noise blocking.
  • Addition of the laminated layers.
  • Spaces between the panes.
  • Sealing the cracks around the windows.
  • Glass manufactured specifically for noise reduction.
  • Noise-canceling curtains.

Even if you decide to replace your windows with newer, better ones, you will only be able to reduce the amount of noise coming in by 20-50 %. However, this won't be enough to significantly reduce noise for residences with a serious noise issue.

According to acoustic professionals, a 75% reduction is required before the difference is noticeable. For example, Windows designed for recording studios can reduce outside noise by as much as 95%, but those are rarely a fit for your home.

How to Sound Proof Windows?

Even though you have no say in the activities outside your home, you can at least lessen the volume of exterior noise by installing soundproof windows.

Here are a few extra tips:

  • Use sealants to fill in the gaps or spaces to block the sounds.
  • You can also use noise-blocking foam. Soundproofing mats made of foam do a decent job absorbing noise but at the expense of visibility.
  • You can use an interior glass sheet if you are ready to compromise the overall appeal of your windows.
  • You may also use noise-cancellation curtains.
  • Noise reduction shutters are also another way to go.
  • Putting the proper furniture near your windows can help with soundproofing.
  • Self-adhesive foam tape is one of the simplest do-it-yourself options for reducing outside noise through windows.

Finally, an exterior strategy for soundproofing is also possible. The same goes for anything you can put in front of or over your windows.

Laminated Windows: How Do They Block Noise?

Did you know a French chemist accidentally invented laminated glass?

The outer layer of laminated glass consists of two layers with a thin polyvinyl butyral (PVB) coating between them. PVB's ability to attenuate sound waves contributes to its high quality as an acoustic material. As a bonus, this makes it extremely tough to crack.

Furthermore, laminated glass has an interlayer between two pieces of glass. Because of its intricate design, this structure makes it harder for sound to penetrate.

As an added bonus, the interlayer contributes to significantly lower noise levels. Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is the material of choice because of its excellent damping of vibrations.

Therefore, laminated glass gives homeowners the serenity they've been seeking.

Finally, fortifying your windows with laminated glass can help reduce outside noise and keep your home warmer in the winter. However, if there is nothing sealing the gaps surrounding your windows, the wind will be able to get in, and so will the sound. Sound can also go through doors and walls that aren't sufficiently thick or constructed from the correct materials.

Does Triple Pane Glass Reduce Noise?

The noise reduction and acoustic qualities of triple-glazed windows are exceptional. Having three pieces of glass joined together by a single pane, triple-glazed windows are more effective at dampening outside noise. Naturally, triple pane glass is an excellent agent of soundproofing a house.

Furthermore, triple-paned windows are superior to double or single-paned windows in terms of their ability to dampen ambient noise. Three separate panes of glass with a spacer bar in between each one make triple-paned windows more secure.

Additionally, Argon gas fills the spaces between the glasses. When the chambers are sealed off from the outside air and loaded with gas, they function as a very effective insulating barrier.

In addition, since Argon is heavier than air, therefore, it effectively insulates against both noise and temperature.

Finally, the frames' airtightness prevents warm air from escaping your home through the windows, enhancing the windows' overall performance and insulation.

Other Options: Reduce Outside Noise

Laminated windows and triple-pane glass are great options for soundproofing. However, it is also natural that you should reduce the noise outside - at least within your home boundaries.

In addition, if something disturbs you, you can ask your neighbors or a relevant person to reduce the noise.

Likewise, reducing noise prevents noise pollution, which, studies have found, has devastating effects on people's mental and physical health.

Multiple problems can be brought on by excessive noise levels. It can, for example, cause more stress and worry, increasing the risk of hypertension, muscle tension, and an overall decline in health and resistance to disease.

Finally, it may cause sleep problems, exacerbating many health issues. Therefore, trying to reduce the noise in your surroundings is vital.


Even though there is no such thing as a "soundproof" window or door, there are plenty of options to consider when selecting the best noise-blocking windows for your needs. The rated sound frequency (STC) and material of a window are important factors in terms of a building's overall strategy for soundproofing.

Finally, triple pane and laminated glass both have pros and cons. A laminated glass working great at your uncles' home in London might be different at your home. So, choosing the one that suits your atmosphere and requirements is smart.

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