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Austin, Texas, USA

by Della Wang 02 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Location City: 

Austin, Texas, USA

Product Series: 

Warren Narrow Frame Sliding Door


Austin, the capital of Texas, is the administrative, commercial, political, technical, music and cooking center of the state. Surrounded by crowds and noise, this customer wanted better light, ventilation and less noise.

Introduction of Warren Products:

The overall sliding door adopts a narrow and square, frame wrapped fan of minimalist design style.
Accessible flat track and slope drainage high track two kinds of track can be selected to meet different architectural application scenarios can achieve double sliding, four sliding, more convenient to use.
The main force wall thickness of the profile is 1.6mm~2.2mm, and the door is connected with angle code, which is high load-bearing, stable and durable.
The middle pulley design, standard with stop wheel, smooth and stable pushing and pulling.



the Warren 128 Narrow Frame Sliding Door has a thinner frame, which is then paired with fixed windows to expand the view and allow more natural light into the room. The minimalist design style is medium narrow and square, frame wrapped around the sash; double rails sliding, high load-bearing, solid and durable. Double-tempered glass can reduce noise and ensure that the room is warm in winter and cool in summer.This door system solves all the potential problems that the house may encounter.


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